Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Much for New Year’s Resolutions

Way back on the second day of the year I promised to write a blog a month. Here it is, almost May, and I’m just getting to blog #2. So it goes.

In the last blog I asked if a writing degree (MFA) was necessary for a writer. The answer is—obviously—no. Not that the degree hurts—it also guarantees nothing. Writers write. Period. Again, so it goes.

One resolution I did keep was a deadline for the first draft of a new novel: 3/31/10. I got there, I’m happy to report. I’m not so sure I’m happy with the draft (so it goes), but at least it exists. Now the real work begins.

Another assignment I just completed was an article for Aspen Sojourner Magazine. The piece is titled, “Liquid Aspen: the Pub Crawl.” Yep, the idea was to visit as many Aspen bars as I could and write about them. Dangerous duty but I survived, barely. Look for the article this summer.

On a happy note, The Year That Follows, my most recent effort, has been named a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards (literary fiction). So, to quote the Bill Murray character in Caddyshack, I got that going for me.

Till next time…